PRODUCTS (Polyurea)

Polyurea is a plural component (ie: 2-part) elastomeric material. It has the following characteristics:

  • REA 303 – the workhorse of the aromatic polyureas
  • REA 203 – similar to REA 303 with quicker gel times (2-3 sec.)
  • REA 800 – low perm high elongation aromatic polyurea (excellent on geotextile fabric and roofs)
  • Istacote M-25 – another staple to many applications in aromatic polyurea, nuclear encapsulation
  • Instacote HA-100 – a high performance aliphatic polyurea, UV color stable top coat
  • Superior Linings IC202 and LS17 – Structural Polyureas, high performance, high chemical resistance, and high strength. ANSI/NSF-61 compliant for potable water uses. Exceeds ASTM 1216 for CIPP Standards. Excellent for structurally rehabilitating, pipelines, manholes and other structures. High chemical resistance is excellent for primary containment.
  • Instacote SBR-10 – a high performance aliphatic polyaspartic, highly chemical resistant, excellent for concrete floors in place of epoxies. Many other uses such as tile, ceilings, bathrooms, and cleanrooms.
  • REA Polyrea Brush Grade “Patch Kit”- a quick setting 15 minute 2 part brushable polyurea. Excellent for small projects or repairs.
  • 3P Primer – an excellent primer for concrete and other surfaces, excellent adhesion promoter for fast setting polyureas. Can also be used to prime new concrete prior to applying polyurea.

PRODUCTS (Non-Polyurea)

  • Safe Encasement – SE110MS primer and penetrating stabilizer for encapsulation projects
  • Safe Encasement – SE120 Encapsulation top coat.


Typical applications that Triton Polyurea has performed Lining Projects on Include:

  • Vapor Intrusion Barriers
  • Brownfield Liners
  • Water/Wastewater – Pipe patching
  • Secondary Containment repair and lining
  • Primary Containment/Tank Lining
  • Cooling Water Pits
  • Air Handlers
  • Food Handling Facilities
  • Laboratory
  • Landfills
  • Utility Generating Facilities – encapsulation, expansion joints, Duct Work
  • Concrete Floors

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